"The toy I can take to school"

Today we had a fun visitor at SnapDolls and she shared this story.  Elisabeth is 7 years old and she came to buy more snap outfits for her SnapDoll Tee.  Frantically, she searched for an outfit that looked like the dress her teacher had worn to school today.  I sat in the floor with her as she looked through our baskets of single design outfits and we discussed why she loved our products.  Here was her reply..... she said, "well, it's the only toy I can take to school and not get into trouble".  She talked about how she would keep snaps for Kate's hand in her backpack and a couple times a day she changed them.   She left home with a purse in her hand, at lunch she changed to pizza and when it was time to go home, she snapped in a soccer ball because she had to go to her brother's soccer game after school.

We loved the fact that she felt like she was taking a toy to school.  Thanks Elisabeth for being our customer!

Stacey Beeler