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SnapDolls was founded in Liberty, Kentucky, the hometown of Founder Stacey Hoskins Beeler. As a child, Stacey loved to play with paper dolls, and she wanted to design a product line that would inspire children to engage in the same collaborative and creative play that she loved as a child.  

After many hours spent at her kitchen table sketching ideas — and then making endless prototypes with her Mom — Stacey secured 2 patents and created a company. 

The SnapDolls factory is located in the town of Liberty in the beautiful hills of central Kentucky. The area was once home to several apparel and toy manufacturing plants before production moved off shore. SnapDolls has been the beneficiary of the incredible creativity, knowledge and skill of our local workers, and we are proud to be part of the Liberty, Kentucky revival.

In 2017, SnapDolls was acquired by Cortex Toys, another homegrown toy and innovation company based in Rome, Georgia. Cortex's founder, Dr. John Cowan, a neurosurgeon and father of 4 inventive children realized the need for more creative, innovative, and active play in our children's world. The two companies have Snapped together well!

Stay tuned for future developments as Cortex Toys and SnapDolls work to create more "About Us" in the future! Your thoughts, suggestions, and prayers are welcomed!




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