welcome to snapdolls!

The snap-it-on world
of imaginative play

SnapDolls is the simple, snap-on doll, clothing and accessory play world your child can take anywhere: from bedroom to back yard to car seat. Beautiful, charming and durably made, these cloth dolls will fast become your child’s best friends.


The Dolls

Each SnapDoll has her own distinct personality. 





Kate is the kind of girl who loves to bake with mom, help grandma quilt, and make her own Christmas ornaments. When she grows up she wants to start a bakery and make the world's best doughnuts.

Young scientist


On any summer afternoon you can find Zoey collecting bugs and climbing trees. On clear nights she uses her dad's telescope to search he skies for comets. Her dream is to one day ride a rocket to the moon.

Future Olympian


There isn't a sport that Maddie doesn't love. She can run three blocks in less than two minutes and has more home runs than any boy on her baseball team. Someday she hopes to make the U.S. Olympic swim team.


Animal lover


That croaking sound you hear is the Fred the frog. He lives in Cloe's pocket and goes with her everywhere, finding lost dogs and helping cats down from trees. Tami's dream is to one day become a horse doctor.


The Snaps

SnapPacks take SnapDolls just about anywhere — to the pet shop, to the farm, under the sea, to a birthday party, the basketball court, even outer space. Outfits and accessories are updated continually.




Let your kid’s creativity run wild with SnapMats! These free-form, multi-snap mats let kids mix, match, move, remove and recombine snaps to create any play world they can imagine. Each SnapMat has a handle and storage compartment that can hold a dozen or more Snaps. SnapMats are sold with the doll shown, plus a selection of themed snaps.